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With all of the different flooring companies and flooring stores around, we aim to provide you with flooring materials and service of only the highest quality. We want to be the floor store you think of when it comes to any and all home improvement projects.


Unlike other flooring options, solid hardwood flooring is easy to repair. Repairing solid hardwood is less costly than repairing other types of flooring. Not only is the product completely natural, but solid hardwood flooring can be refinished numerous times. This freedom allows flooring contractors find the best choice for your flooring needs. Unfinished solid hardwood flooring can be refinished many times and still retain the natural wood appearance. Homeowners often seek methods of how to install hardwood floors, however, for optimal results, solid hardwood flooring installation should be conducted by flooring contractors. Highly skilled flooring contractors are equipped with the right flooring tools. Working alongside interior designers, we strive to follow the latest floor trends when supplying material, adhesives and stains for your solid hardwood project.


Multiple layers of wood, fibers, and particles are carefully pressured together creating a sturdy, permanent bond. A thin layer of 100% hardwood is laid on the topmost layer of the flooring plank, giving the product a natural wood-like look at an affordable price. Different flooring companies and manufacturers offer different formulas in alignment with the latest flooring trends. Various different designs and products are developed to help home builders, home renovators, and flooring contractors fill the last piece of the puzzle in their floor plan by finding the best flooring option for any project. We have the knowledge and skill to answer all of your questions such as how to install engineered hardwood flooring, if you can use bona glue on engineered hardwood, how to clean engineered hardwood and is it best to glue down or float engineered hardwood flooring.


100% waterproof and highly scratch resistant surface calls for a perfect fit for homes with young children or pets. The look of these floors mirror the appearance of traditional wood floors such as oak, hickory, pine and much more, making this a good choice for any home design. Follow the latest floor trends and upgrade your floors to enhance your beautiful home. Vinyl Plank Flooring is not limited to damp or wet rooms, and can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and is perfect for households with high traffic, children, or pets. This multipurpose flooring is also very simple to install. Home owners can easily learn how to install vinyl plank flooring, turning a renovation into a fun DIY project, or you can leave it to a flooring contractor for all of your flooring needs. How to install vinyl flooring and how to cut vinyl plank flooring? Just ask us!


With the durability level to withstand high traffic level in busy offices and cafes, rest assured that your floors will stay strong. Laminate flooring has been around for many years and is a synthetic multi-layer product that is bonded with a lamination process. Installing laminate flooring is very straight forward and it can be used in a variety of home applications. Although it is common for laminate flooring water damage to occur, many of the current brands have improved their products via aqua-loc laminate flooring systems that were designed to withstand water. We know the best laminate wood flooring for kitchens, the best products to clean laminate wood floors and what laminate flooring brands to avoid. We can also guide you on how to install laminate flooring so that you can confidently install your own floors. Trust the professionals at LENKO!


There are different types of flooring that offer a waterproof surface, however, a fireproof surface adds greater benefit to SPC Vinyl Flooring. SPC Flooring stands for “stone particle composite” flooring which is an innovation of WPC flooring in a product that is now stronger, more durable and more cost effective. The fine combination of flooring materials allows this floor to be highly durable and follow the latest floor trends. Not only is this one of the best options for durable flooring types, but the dense core and the thick plate gives you the feel of comfy floors beneath your feet. SPC Flooring warmly welcomes you and your guests into your home. We are a store where you can buy premium quality spc flooring and find skilled spc flooring installation services. You can also stop by and ask us any questions relating to spc click flooring as it is a fairly new product growing quickly.


Easy to clean and maintain, these floors are comfortable and warm like cork while having the beautiful look that wood entails. During the manufacturing process of these floors, no trees are used, making this a highly sustainable flooring type. Flooring companies collaborate with designers to establish the floors that are aligned with the latest floor trends while maintaining high practicality. Of the various environmentally friendly flooring, Vinyl Cork Flooring is popular for many areas of the home. It can be used in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and basements, along with commercial areas. We carry vinyl cork planks from europlex vinyl cork flooring. This is a premium European made cork flooring product that has a wide variety of environmental and health benefits. Home owners with back pain opt for a cork floor from cork flooring manufacturers in Canada.


The easiest way to add beauty to your place is with some reclaimed barn-wood wall paneling. We carry the only brand that is fire rated and harvested in a sustainable and innovative manner. You can buy beautiful reclaimed wood veneer for walls from us and browse our inspiration catalogs for a variety of reclaimed wood wall decor ideas. Our rustic barn-wood wall panels are easily removable and come in a variety of DIY wood wall options that can be attached without nails. These wood walls are great for feature walls such as in a bedroom, bathroom, living room or even an office. These DIY wood walls can be installed as chevron wall art and kitchen accent wall’s. We also carry faux brick panel backsplashes that can be used together with a wood wall to create a unique space that is tastefully designed by you. With the growing popularity of this look we offer only the best options for your home.


Solid Hardwood Flooring from responsibly sourced Canadian wood. Live the True Canadian experience.


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