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How to install flooring?

There are a variety of different flooring installation methods to perfectly suit different types of flooring. Some types of flooring can be installed as a DIY project while others are recommended to be completed by a flooring contractor who is a professional in installing floors. For example, solid hardwood floor installations are often recommended to be completed by a flooring contractor. On the other hand, if you are looking for a flooring project to Do-It-Yourself, laminate flooring is a good choice.

Different ways to install floors

Click lock

This method does not involve the usage of any adhesives or nails. The flooring materials are clicked together without any added chemicals and will remain in place. In some cases, the flooring materials form a chemical bonding when clicked together as a result of a chemical substance placed by the manufacturer.


This popular flooring installation method involves the flooring material to be glued or clicked together and not directly on the subfloor.


The most common installation method for solid hardwood flooring; this method involves the flooring being nailed into place directly into the wood subfloor.


Using an adhesive, the flooring material is directly and permanently glued onto the subfloor or moisture barrier on the subfloor. There are two types of flooring adhesives that are widely used in the market; moisture curing urethane, and synthetic polymer adhesive.

Floor Trim & Moulding

These are the last components for beautiful floors. Flooring professionals will trim the floors to and cover up the spaces, gaps, and edges with floor mouldings. This is especially important when installing hardwood flooring in order to cover up the space created to account for the hardwood expanding and contracting.

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