Why do I need to level a floor?

Leveled Floors are a crucial component in installing floors. It is not uncommon that when buildings are constructed, the initial floors may not have been properly leveled. If this problem is neglected over time, serious consequences may occur.

Un-leveled floors are also very common in old buildings with crawl spaces. Over time, the beams and joists supporting the floors can collapse, and the wood could start to sag from the accumulated moisture. This causes floors to lose its initial level.

This is something that is difficult to identify and costly if neglected over time. Flooring contractors and professionals are trained in identifying if a floor is level or not, and can be fixed once the problem is identified. During the flooring installation process, if new floors are installed in a room that does not have leveled floors, the new floors may need to be completely torn out and replaced. Especially with certain flooring types, it is crucial to have leveled floors. LENKO Flooring is your floor store that you can rely on to get things right.

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