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Allow us to assist you in any flooring project regardless of the scope of the project. Rest assured that you will find quality work and quality service to fulfill your flooring needs.


Flooring installation should be handled by experienced professionals that are licensed and insured. With flooring installation methods such as Tongue and Groove, Click Lock, Floating, Nail down and glue down we know what the best method and approach is for every specific material and site application. While there are many DIY flooring options out there in the market, it is a wise choice to have someone with experience in charge to guarantee problem free flooring installation.


We understand the value created in offering a turn-key service so if need be we can handle the demolition portion of your project as well. If the site application does not allows us to install flooring overtop of existing materials we can remove and safely dispose of existing floor coverings. This can be a messy and difficult job, but our experience will ensure a stress free and easy experience for you. Minding your walls, furniture and belonging and keeping a clean site this is a great option.


With flooring the cliche goes that it is not what is above the surface that matters but what is below. We will always stress the importance of properly assessing the subfloor to make sure there is no mould, squeaking or bumps on it. The subfloor needs to ideally be completely flat and free of any imperfections or they will have immediate adverse effects on new floors when they are installed. We can re-frame, replace the plywood, grind down and prepare it properly for installation.


In many cases the subfloor has problems that are outside the scope of simple repairs/replacements and it actually is much more cost effective to use self-levelling concrete to fix these issues. Ideally we need a perfectly flat floor, but many times there will be high points and low points due to how the materials have responded to humidity. We will identify these low points and pour self-leveling mix over them which will create a flat floor over which flooring can be installed.


In our showroom we have created a design centre which utilizes a variety of colours, materials and finishes that you can lay out on a vision board. When speaking with interior designers this became something that we wanted to offer because it would allow for you to see all of your materials in one space. You do not have to haul around samples from everywhere, but now have a space where you can lay it all out in front of you while having access to professional consultation when you need it.


This is a service we offer for larger scale projects that are outside of the scope of a flooring installation. For example if you are having a bathroom renovation done and need the services of cabinetry, tiling, flooring and painting we can both directly source and supply the materials, the trades and project manage the entire process which will mean you do not have to take time of work or out of your busy schedule. Nor will you have to worry about hidden costs.


We care a lot about what we do and do not outsource deliveries to a third party, because many times this results in the product arriving damaged and in the incorrect quantities/colours. When you place an order with us, we personally pick the material up, ensure there is no damage to it and that the order is correct and then drive it to your site and hand-load it into the most ideal space. We have successfully delivered materials to many sites on the island and further inland while keeping the highest standard of quality.


Quality service for our valuable clients


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At LENKO Flooring, we pride ourselves with excellent customer service. If you have a certain type of flooring material or brand you are looking for, contact us and we will do our best to bring it to you.