What will my new stairs cost to do?

//What will my new stairs cost to do?

What will my new stairs cost to do?


Stairs are an important part of a project and thee costs to do them are broken down into a few key components. A good reference figure for the labour should start at $100/stair and the material per standard 1’ by 3’ stair including the riser (vertical portion you don’t step on) is approximately 6sqft. Your stairs also have landings on them, typically one 3’ by 3’ landing per every 2 flights of stairs. There is also the nosing which takes up about 4 linear feet per stair and can range from $22 for an 8’ length to $50 for an 8’ length, depending on if it is a laminate, vinyl, or hardwood nosing you choose. Another option is to do custom nosings, these are made out of the flooring planks themselves and are quite a bit more expensive. Custom nosings start at around $13/lnf for labour.

A calculation for laminate material and installation on 2 flights of 10 stairs and one landing is shown as follows:

  • Stair material: 6sf/stair x 20 stairs=120 sqft*$2.80/sqft (laminate cost)=$336
  • Landing material: 3×3=9sqft * $2.80sqft=$25.20
  • Nosing material: 4 lnf/stair x 20 stairs=80lnf*$22 (nosing cost)=$176
  • Stair installation: 20 stairs x $100/stair=$2,000.00

Total cost for laminate stairs and associated materials: $2,537.20 + GST/PST

Altogether, the cost for installing stairs is an entirely separate calculation as there are many factors to take into account. I have outlined some basic costs to work from, but these can all vary on the style of stair, the choice of a custom nosing, and the quality of work and finish you are looking for.

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